hi!.. first of ol sory for my bad english....

I have a problem:
I want to create a database system using MSACCESS and VB6 that will be on 3 computers connected via LAN.

1. the 2 computer will be the registration section, and the last 1 will be the payment section.
2. the registration section will simply register some (ex. student information) names, and other personal information. Then that information will be stored or will have a copy in the payment section for payment and assesment...

Hmmm?... is this posible?..

its like they are sharing 1 database...

How can i do it?.. can you give me some simple sample....


Why Dont U use ODBC?
Create ODBC and make your data folder share with full permission.

you can also use complete path of the file wiht the server address to access from other systems.

Well, i was just about to try ODBC, but i dont now how.. and how does ODBC works?..


Hmm?.. use the complete path of the file with the server address..?

Example i have this server address:

and i have this path for the database


No U Can write "\\<ComputerName>\C\VB \system.mdb" Instead Of

u can also use system ip in place of system name ,but the remaining part remains same.

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