Hi all,I'm beginner in assembly language. I use TASM and it works well,but I should place all my .asm text files in /TASM/BIN directory ,because only there assembler see the files. and this is quite annoying,I want to have special folder for this purpose and place it whenever I want.

Add /tasm/bin to your path

Like this PATH=C:\Perl\site\bin;C:\Perl\bin;C:\Windows\system32;C:\TASM\BIN Exactly how you do that depends on which OS you have.

Find out your current path by typing
at the command prompt.

TASM still tells that: "Can't locate file: myfile.asm" ,it can locate my .asm files only when they are in TASM/BIN directory,I want to create separate folder for my .asm files,and tell TASM to look there for .asm files

If you open a new command prompt, type in 'path', do you see your new path?

What's your current directory?
If you've set the path correctly, then the current directory should be where your .asm files are, not /tasm/bin

Fatal*** Cannot create COM file msg is displayed when trying to link the .obj file in TASM.... please let me know what may be the problem????

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