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So here I am, with a new problem lol,
I have a form, and it saves its information in a random file. Now, is there any way to save the values of the check boxes in the file, and so as i can retrieve them later?

Private Sub cmdSave_Click()

    With reservation
        .chkboxA = chkboxA.Value
        .chkboxB = chkboxB.Value
        etc, etc,
    End With
    Put #fnum2, recno2, reservation
End Sub

Right now, when i run the code , it says I can't Get or Put an object reference variable/udt containing an object reference.
Am not really sure that it's the right way to proceed, and hope you guys can enlighten me



Need to see the declarations and setting up
Like :
Dim recno2 as long

Dim Records(50) as long
How many records ?
In other words
a bit more details the program
Them one could help.

Open #f as ....for ....