How can I get internet history with a vb4/5/6 program? In a period of time I have to get the user accessed web pages even if he is using other than internet explorer. A keyloger will collect all the unnecessary things. Would you please help me?

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Make your program to access temporary internet file folder and list all file there
"documents and settings\%username%\local settings\temporary internet files\ "
And check this registry keys from "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs"

Yes this information was helpful

But the thing is that
I am trying to make a vb project to get the internet history
ie visited urls, url ping time and last accessed time.
I got a small program from the net, but it shows lot many other things which I don’t want (Expired time, Hit rate, day, date, temp files and cookies)
And in visited websites it shows "Visited: [email]Name@[/email]"
How can I avoid this "Visited: Name@” from my list
i am attaching the zip file i got from the net.

This may not work in Vb 6 as I found this out in vb 2008

Hows about putting a Combo Box in and Putting the Auto Compete Sorce Propety to History List

Put the Drop Down Style to Simple and Whola! This may solve the thread on my first post!

Update: Put Auto Compete Mode to Suggest.

If you don't do anything, You'll never make mistakes.

Sorry Michael, that is .NET only and won't work in VB6.

Once you have the path to the temporary internet folder and if you can enumerate through its files by using DIR/FSO/FindFirstFile-FindNextFile/DriveListBox-DirListBox-FileListBox then you can use the FreeFile Function-Open Statement-Input Function-Line Input Function- and the close statement to read the contents of the cookie files (since they are text files).

Good Luck

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