can someone please help me with using tabs and hw to set the system date in vb6

try this one

Dim ChangeTime

ChangeTime= "4:00 AM"
Time= ChangeTime

im sorry not time... date... wen my program runs it should be able to catch the current system date!

thanx for ur respone... n plz try helping me even with tabs...

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
'Put timer on form and set interval to 1000 (In the properties window)

Label1.Caption = Format(Now, "hh:mm:ss")

End Sub

- What tabs?

Hi! Smile4Ever,

Exactly as Jx_Man said, elaborate your request dear. can't figure out ur requirement. what tabs? Any sample code u got, tried anything yet?

Never tried = Never Know
So, Please do something before post your thread.

A nice thing to ponder upon.

Shaik Akthar

to enable different tabs use sstab1.tabenabled(0)= true/false!... this is wat i needed regarding tabs!