A newbie to VB6, I have to plot a graph using the picturebox control. I have drawn the 3 line graphs using the "Line" method and using relevant data.
I have to shade the triangular portion marked "X" ( resulting from the lines B & C crossing the line A at two places respectively).
Require guidance on how to shade this specific portion

| /\
Y Axi| / X \
|--------/----- -\-----------B
| / \
|------ ----------A
X Axis

Thanks and regards

OOps, the graph is all distorted after I posted it. I had created this using a text editor and it looked okay when I posted it.

The third line ramps up and down and continues in a straight line. The two lines above it cross the triangular portion resulting in a parallelogram like figure which has to be shaded.

thanks and looking forward to guidance


Thanks for your input.

Yes, as you have stated, we have to input the appropriate X Y co-ordinates of a point in the relevant area to be filled.

I have finally used an API function successfully

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