I'm a beginner VB 6.0 user, and I would like to know something about it. Is there any difference in coding (for the same purpose) between a database oriented VB projects using the Data Control and ADO? How much are the differences, if you plz could explain it briefly. Thank you. :icon_confused:

The difference between these controls is that the first uses Data Access
Objects technology to connect to a database, the second uses ActiveX Data
Objects, which is a newer technololgy and generally regarded as better than

Thank you brother for your explaination.. But, is there any differences in writing the database coding, between those two?

Bcoz i've read that using the ADO in more complex... What's meant by that complex?

Hi, ADO uses similar properties and methods like DAO. It differs in some methods and properties. The way of open the database and Table are somewhat differ.

I see... Thank you sir, for your kindly explaination...