Hello there, I just would like to ask what are the basic needs in order for me to develop a mail library using C#. I've been googling around for good tutorials in developing mail libraries but haven't found any decent one. Thanks!

depends what you mean by mail library. a lot of commands are made for you and built into the frame work.

As of now, the outline that I have made (basic needs to study) are Properties, Libraries, Versioning, Collection Classes and XML Documentation. Additional foundations are System.Net.Mail and Web Services. Additional topics that you would suggest would be of great help. :)

Didnt really answer my question, are you talking pop, exchange, imap, smtp? If so, next to all thats already premade..

what do you need your library to do thats not covered?

Hi there LizR, I'm sorry if I was not able to provide you details because as of now all I'm doing is research.

are you talking pop, exchange, imap, smtp?

I think that would be smtp.

what do you need your library to do thats not covered?

The library would cover attachments, the typical mail library. Somewhat similar as the open source DotNetOpenMail.

OK but you're reinventing the wheel thats already included in the smtp which comes with .net

Well yeah, but I just want to know how it really works. I want to experience creating my own. One way to learn is study and existing code and ,IMO, creating your own. Any recommendation, suggestions on what to do?

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