In my VB6 Book, in the last chapter programming ASP for web design is written and, it seem that is to be done through VB6, but I dont under stand and I usually write ASP code using FrontPage? If VB is helpful (Even though understanding of VB coding is helpful) for learning ASP, can any one tell me how to use VB.

You can use any text editor you like to write VB code. It's just easier in the VB6 IDE. Just as you can write ASP code in any text editor you like, but FrontPage makes it easier. The difference is merely preference.

The reason that ASP is covered in your VB6 book is because you can use VB code in an ASP page. Strictly speaking, this isn't VB6 code - it's VBScript. However, unlike Java and JavaScript, VB and VBScript are extremely close cousins. They are so similar that it wouldn't be fair to leave VBScript out of a good VB6 book. But ASP isn't picky. You can also use Microsoft's version of JavaScript (JScript) to write your server-side code. At the end of the day, it's really up to you to decide how you want to write your code.

There's nothing wrong with using FrontPage to write ASP. There's also nothing wrong with using the VB6 IDE. Just keep in mind that all either of these programs are doing is writing some of the code for you - mostly the layout and appearance stuff - so you can focus on the parts that make it do useful things. You can write your entire ASP project using nothing more than Notepad, if you want.

For a more advanced project, you could even write an entire VB6 program without opening the VB6 IDE. I know a couple of guys who write their VB code in Notepad++, and only open the VB IDE when they want to test and/or compile their code. Indeed, sometimes they don't even bother to open the IDE to compile. So it's really just up to how much of the work do you want to do yourself and how much do you want the software to do for you.

Hope this helps!

- Sen

Thanks to Sen, for you explain my doub about ASP and VB6 environment. As I am new to ASP or web type development, it will be my pleasure if any one can tell me more the basic direction on using VB6 environemtn for writing ASP code if it is easier to write ASP using VB6. Any reply will be appriciated.