Hi Folks,
I Trying to Copy File UJF.mdb in another Location which is User Specifyed.
I Closed All Connection, But Still ERROR 70 'Permision Denied' Occurs

FileCopy "D:\UJF\UJF.mdb", "D:\Person.mdb"
 MsgBox "Backup Successfully Compleated", vbInformation

How to Copy Access 2003 .mdb File to Another location Without Any Error
Please Replay me:( If you have any Solution Urgentaly

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Try to also set rs and con to Nothing. You may also get that error from target file i.e. you don't have write permission to D:\Person.mdb or D:\Person.mdb is opened in your application or in some other application.


Thank you For Reply,:)

I Tried that also but it did not work,:(
Again the same [Error 70] was displayed.:'(
i was coded as follows. if it is wrong please..... Tellme

Set ars = Nothing          'Recordset
Set afidqrs = Nothing     'Recordset
Set afidtrs = Nothing      'Recordset
Set acomprs = Nothing  'Recordset
Set ajobrs = Nothing     'Recordset
Set acandrs = Nothing  'Recordset
Set abiors = Nothing     'Recordset
Set acon = Nothing  'Connection of Access 2003
Set ocon = Nothing  'Connection of Oracle 9i
Set con = Nothing  'Connection of Oracle 9i in Module
[B] FileCopy "D:\UJF\UJF.mdb", "D:\Person.mdb"[/B]
 MsgBox "Backup Successfully Compleated", vbInformation

It doesn't Work...:'(

Please Tell me Someone How to Fix this Error:@


I meant close RS, con etc. first, then set Nothing.

Anyway. Try "Microsoft Scripting Runtime"

Dim fso As New FileSystemObject
fso.CopyFile("D:\UJF\UJF.mdb", "D:\Person.mdb", True)
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