i have been spending the last few days deciding on an IDE that would let me program in Java, C++ and python and notepad++ looked pretty good. The only issue is i cant work out how to make the program run once i have made it. I looked in google and i couldn't find any tutorials to set it for python but if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

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from what I know Notepad++ Is editor not IDE. I think you need to Go for something like Netbeans. Their next version will support python (For now it supports to some extent). It does more than that, maaany languages. Just check their main package and nbpython plugin!

I did this and had a hell of a time figuring it out!

Go to Run -> "Run...", then type in C:\PythonXX\pythonw.exe "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)" ** Note I use pythonw.exe, you can just as easily use the standard python.exe (I just hate that console window), and when you've got that hit the "Save..." button for a dialog where you can name it and assign a shortcut to it.

*Note: Ctrl + R was already taken (and I'm too used to it from CodeEditor) so I went to Settings -> "Shortcut Mapper..." to give my python run command the Ctrl + R and moved whatever that used to be occupied to something else

Just dug this out of my bookmarks: Notepad++ Run external tools

Thanks, that worked a charm. The only thing i was missing was the "" around the $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH. But thanks anyway.

Problem Solved!

Just for anyone googling - there is now a Python Plugin for Notepad++ that allows direct access to run Python scripts from within Notepad++ - it also gives full programmatic access to all of Notepad++'s features.

The python shell (pythonw.exe) does not come up. But when i use the console(python.exe), it works. Can someone please help me figure this out cos i really prefer the pythonw.exe> i hate the console too

Here's what i used:

C:\python27\pythonw.exe "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

plz help none of them are working for me! help i have notepad++ but it only runs with html :( i want to use python but when i select the language it looks like its gonna work (like it has the "print" in blue and that stuff) but it wont run !!! help!!!

And if you want a console that stays open afterward like IDLE does, for browsing objects and output, use

C:\PythonXX\python.exe -i "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

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