I work with a student database project. when I click Add New button a massage show. I write code in add new button was "adodc1.recordset.addnew." massage was
"Multiple - step OLEDB operation generated errors. check each OLEDB status value, it avaiable. No works was done."
when I press ok another error show.
"Run time error'-2147217842(80040e-4e)': operation was canceled."
and now record save. please help me urgent.

>>hi. are you using textbox? and are they bound?

Ya I use textbox.

>>please post your code so that we can easily understand the problem...

I only write "addnew" code. and face this problem.

hi. can you please post your code. but anyways if you're in a hurry you can just put on error resume next on your code so you won't get an error message for the mean time.but still you need to figure out the problem.

I only write "addnew" code. It worked but some day after now it not work. no other code I write. I start this and faced problem.

every thing is ok. I did it again. I remove every thing and did it againl. Now its work. No problem faced.

I remove every thing. I did it again. now it work. thnaks every body.


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