hello Im starting into programming and Im triying to program a pic to collect pulses, and for each pulse it accumulates 10 but when I start a new pulse sequence it repeats itself again and again till the memory fills up and gives error, the problem is that I cant make it add up, in the first cycle it adds up the total and stops when I put in the next it gives the proble, it doesnt add up to the total stored in the pics memory, also I have a function to give out 10 credits for every pulse it receives in anothr pin, and has a display totalizing the amount of pulses (credits) acumulated).
my problem is that I cant acumulate another set of pulses after the first come in, and it doesnt add up. please can anybody help? if its a problem I can offer compensation for the time, thanks!!

how are you passing data to application ?
what are the controls you are using ?
is it VB 6.0 ?

Im using picaxe program to write and it just says basic (no number) but Ill send you part of program so you can see the exact type
label_1C: if pin0=0 then label_1C
let b0=b0+ 1
if b0= 4 then label_A9
low 0
pause 1000
high 0
goto label_1C

label_A9: pause 1000
label_27: if pin0=0 then label_108
let b0=b0+ 1
if b0= 8 then label_84
low 1
pause 1000
high 1
goto label_27

label_84: pause 1000
label_BD: if pin0=0 then label_BD
let b0=b0+ 1
if b0= 10 then label_12B
low 2
pause 1000
high 2
goto label_BD

label_108: if pin1=0 then label_113
pause 1000
low 5
goto label_1C

label_113: high 5
goto label_27

goto label_1C