hi all... i want to know if using simlpe combo with dropdown style 2 (where you cant type ur own data) im not able to retrieve data coz its showing that its has read only property... is it possible that i can change the syle property of my combo box...
pplease help!
thankx a lot!... take care

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sorry... im using a simple combo... is there some way i can edit n change the title of my question.... i didnt know hw to edit... its a simple combo... which has fixed values displayed... user cant enter data but when im using the same for retriving data from another database then it is showing error...
for instance... a box shows all the dept_id... that is admin01, admin02, it01, it02 etc... when the record is submitted the option selected by the user is stored in a database... but when i want to check a request actually my request num opens all details but it shows error at the dept_id even though the value being displayed is existing in the dept_id database...

please help!
thanx for the response!

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