how do i learn programing?eventhough how hard i try to understand the languages, i can not absorb it, pls help me about it

You learn programming, well by programming, by doing it.
And it is not because VISUAL BASIC carries the word basic, that it is. In fact, in the long run I believe it will be rather confusing.
I know, been there done that...
Choose one well structured language and stick to that. Mine is C#, but that is my choice.
Start slowly and remember the road is long but rewarding. You can not learn from books but they are a great help. You learn the most by doing it yourself. If you are stuck with your code, remember you can post it here!

only practise can make you perfect as there is no shortcut to success.

Thank you very much for your advise sir I do hope I can do it with myself I'm very much interested to it but it's too difficult to start.can you suggest sir if how and where do I start?by d way i downloaded a few codes in this site and I tried it to our school but unfortunately there are some errors and i dont know what to do so I expected nothing from my program.Its a very simple LOGIN program in vb 6.0 but i don't know what to do can you help me? thank you very much.... I found on this site my companion^_^

ahehe thanks ya i keep on practicing just what you've said^^

to ask does not lessen your personality but it adds up information for you... just keep on askng and apply what you gathered...

writing the program is very easy if you have some common seance...

keep it in mind


Hi there, Thanks for the website and lots of appreciations.
I am a beginner in VB6.
I want to know how to put the systems master control of audio panel in my application of MMControl. and regulate the volume of out put.
How to make the videoscreen of this MMcontrol to full screen.!!
How to make the form fullscreen at run time with the controls proportionally expanded in the page.
How to open existing PDF or Doc files through this VB application.
I request an immediate reply. Thanks in advance and ATB.

im looking for a sample program of our proposed system,
an ONLINE STUDENT EVALUATION SYSTEM where in a quick access getting a list of grades of our school using the web,
me and my groupmate decided to use vb6.0 and php my admin/sql
anyone can give me the codes?thanks godbless!!!