Now it is ok when i enter product_id all the detail product_id ,
product_detail,unit is comming in a combo box but i will have
to place a quantity to input.
Kindly let me know how should i do it ?

Select your Product and press enter. the Qty column will be highlighted. again press enter to edit the quantity cell. a textbox will come in the place of the cell and u can enter your quantity there and press enter to accept or escape to cancel the quantity entered.

Sir ,

When I press enter after selection : the Qty column don’t highlighted And detail is coming in the same column:
Product_detail should come in Product_name column
In the same way unit should come in unit column
And cursor should go in text box it is not like that ,
when i click 2nd column i got error :
an error has occured in the application in module 'MR' at procedure 'Setproductvalues'.
Error number -2147217904
No value given for one or more required parameters. Please Contact Your System's Administrator

Sorry Sir now it is comming properly but when i put in quantity in Quantity column after pressing enter It should go on the next row
What is to be done for this issue.

Run the project i HAVE sent u once.

I have already written the program such that u give the quantity and press enter it will automatically create a new row and go to the first column of the new row. If the quantity is zero then the new row addition increment will not happen.

to delete a row u have to use F9. I have assigned F9 for row Deletion.


I have send invite a friend Invitation to you at One more issue is there i want if user click on save button all these info.Should store on my MR temporary able Now cursor is moving to Next row

Kindly help me.

who will give the DATABASE.

without database this code is bull shit...

Kindly find the attachment
thatsort issue is resolved now i want when user should clickon grid1only item_code, product_name, unit should come and cursor should
be at quantity column so that user put quantity on that cell for material requisition.

kindly find

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