I need a program that can highlight sentences with more than a designated number of words, permit editing and save the resulting document. In other words, I want to be able to input a document, designate the number of words, ie 20, 30 the excess of whould be highlighted, ability to edit document -- split exceptional sentences in to 2 or 3 sentences -- and save the new document.

I would also like a program that can illuminate a set number of words in a document, ie say I want this document split into snippets of 150 words ea. But I want to be able to set the number of words to be included in each snippet. Therefore, I would like to input the document, set the number of words to be included in the document, process the document and it will be split or highlight the portion of the document that equals the designated number of words.

I am told that this can be done in MS Word via Visual Basic macros. I need a tutorial or something that will create the above programs nothing more. Better still, if someone has this already I would appreciate having it.


I am told that this can be done through MS Word macros in visual basic.

This Thread Should help you get started and get a grip with automating office applications. This thread actually uses VB, not VBA Macros, but the code is pretty much identical, and should be a breeze to do what you need.