Hi ,
Any Help Plz....

Could any body tell me what's wrong

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My car won't start!!! Help plz.

Which car?
What are the circumstances in which it won't start?

Please refrase your question.

Please refer to
"DataGridView ComboBoxCell Value is not valid" with (Senario)

the previous post and then u know which car ;)

Eyo, so don't create similar thread, of if you need you've to re-post your question\errors\problems...

I checked that thread (with zero answers).

You had the image of the error message. It said (quite clearly :-/ ):

To replace this default dialog please handle the DataError event.

How about trapping that error. You may get the solution from the error message. If not, then let us know what's the error message you get.

The problem I don't treat with GridViews, so wait you'll find someone helps you or try to search in msdn or googlize your problem.

Hello All,

Really i searched all over the internent...

lots of programmers are having the same problem with no solution,
or no clear solution....

And I've Handled the data_error Event and i didn't put any message,.... Another problem occured...That the combobox show the valuemember (id) not the displayMember (name)....

So, plz if u could find any solution for this prblm...

By the way, Some programmers think it's a prblm from the DataGridView itself ....

So :O :O ,,, Who's the Hero who will solve the prblm

Have you read this thread titled "DataGridView Combo Box Cell value is not valid" from the MSDN Forums?

Teme64 points you to a thread where a question is asked some code is given and what was already done.
What you are saying Eyo is : "I HAVE AN ERROR, SOLVE IT!" That's why I came up with the car metaphor. So please show us the part of your code where it went wrong and tell us what you already have done to solve it.

Hi All,,,

Big Thanks For All OF U

Thank For U Teme

The Solution u told me to see worked Fine :)

I really Appretiated

Hello everybody!

I assume most of you are tired of looking for the solution as I am...

I did found one...

Make the datagridview control invisble when the form is closing (adding simple code in form closing event "me.datagridviewX.visible=False").

So you will not get this annoying error message and the datagridview still functions well until the form is cloded.


David G.

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