:'( hi guys hope you can help
i have written a small project used to simulate a cash reg however i have 3 froms on it ,main,checkout and about my problem is that if i move my main form to say left had of screen when i click on checkout or about those forms open in there orginal posisition what i need to know is there anyway of locking these forms to the main form so as nomatter where the main form is on screen the other forms will open on top of it

hope you understand what i m trying to do


You could use the multiple-document interface (MDI) in which the forms are a "child" of the "parent" main form, but MDI program can be a pain. Why can't you just use the main form's properties to decide where the other forms should appear? For example, in the Form_Load event of Checkout...

Top = Form1.Top 'add any offset you want
Left = Form1.Left 'again add the desired offset

thanks for your help i can work with this

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