I want to accumulate time into a variable (Time1) and have it count hours, minutes and seconds. It should not carry over to date when it passes 24:00:00 but should go to 25:00:00.

For example, if I have 22:00:00 hours on a project and spend another 10:00:00 hours the total should read 32:00:00.

Thoughts appreviated...

then you need to findout the time difference between the start time and end time and keep on adding them

Not sure why time variables are required..... I'd simply use integers (cast the time function or date function to int) and have a timer that updates once a minute (or second). A Few if's a few minute = minute + 1's and you should be good to go. Just remember, that the timer control isn't 100% accurate, and after a few days, the time it keeps and the time it really is, may be off. Not a big deal though, unless you plan to work days at a time straight on through. In which case you would need time precision.

Actually my program is using a timer to accumulate seconds for an operation. I want to display it in a "00:00:00" format, save the accumulated time and when I enter that operation again, to add the new time used to the original accumulated time. I will end up with thousands of seconds. I am not partial to the saving of seconds in my array and file but it does seem to work for what I have programmed so far

For example:
1) start a project for 180 seconds, display 3 minutes (00:03:00) and store the 180 seconds.
2) go off to another operation for 600 seconds, display 10 minutes (00:10:00) and store the 600 seconds.
3) return to the original operation for another 120 seconds and display 5 minutes. (00:05:00)

While I am in the operation, I will be showing the seconds as they tick off again in "00:00:00" format.

I have used many lines to do the math and to show "00" format for seconds, minutes, hours less than 10 (6 minutes as 06 minutes)

I was hoping there would be a function that will show 00:06:24, 00:06:25, 00:06:26... and be able to continue in hours after 24 hours have lapsed. 23:59:58, 23:59:59, 24:00:00, 24:00:01...
Thoughts appreciated