I am having some trouble understanding pure LISP. I am confused about the concepts of atoms and flat lists vs. any lists. I have a problem that should be fairly simple, although it uses recursion, which I am not very familiar with using. The function takes 1 argument which can be any list. It returns the number of atoms named A in the list. I was trying to see if there was only one element in the list and, if so, is it an A. If it is, return a 1. This is what I have:

(defun A-Count (L)
((null L) nil) ;This works fine
((equal (atom a) L) 1)

I do not have the default set up yet. Was just trying to get the first working. However, when I run it I get an "error - unbound function" or "error - unbound variable", depending on which example I try to enter. Thanks for any info anyone may have.

It's all Greek to me!

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