well i am working on program which
inputs :
1. student record (name , semester , class , branch , roll no )
2. the various subjects on which the exam to be held
3. the date on which the subject s exam to be held

the data which is already feed in :
1. the number of classrooms
2.each classrooms capacity

the desired ouput :
well the program is supposed to allocated a set of students (irrespective of branches ) in a classroom and make sure that two people of the same branch, semester should not sit together.

well i have inputted the student record using visdata (which VB already has it).

i am not able to frame a logic on how to proceed further .
i mean how to randomize the allocation of seats so that same branch people never sit together .

i would be glad if you could suggest me any other ingenious ideas.

create one field on your table seat_taken.

if the seat is occupied put TRUE if not put FALSE then get that chair owned by whom and what branch.

from that you can control your available seats and what branch.

I hope it helps...

well at first place sorry for late reply............

well the major issue is should i organize it keeping majorly students or the class room and the center .
besides how to put students who have failed in particuar subject and re- writing the exam....

can you give me the structure of your tables? students, class room , center, subjects etc... what are your primary and secondary keys which keys are you planning to join. Show me the one to one, one to many or many to many relationship of your database so that we can figure it out.

ok it may take a little while... but i am working on it.

Finished all your user interface how the user interact with your website. Plan it dude :-)

well this is how i have come so far.....

well the following data are static and cannot be changed + predefined

1.no of classes
2.each classes capacity
3.no of branches
4.semseter subjects

the following is the data which will be accepted

1.capacity of students in particular branch
2.the period on which the exam wil be organised

now i thinking that...
firstly i will accept the subjects and the capacity of students attempting for it
the dates on which those subjects will be coducted.

well i have got this far only..... i would be glad if you could help me further.

What do you mean by "branch and roll no" ?