guys i just thought of a project using vb.net and I would like to know your opinions about it whether it could be done or not. I was thinking of a application that would integrate if not all, maybe some of the most used chat applications nowadays such as yahoo messenger. what i would like to do is make a application that would actually be able to send and receive messages from different chat applications. for example I have a friend who sent me a message using yahoo messenger and I have another friend who sent me a message using chikka and another message from a different chat application. All i have to do is to sign in in one application which i will develop and be able to send and receive those messages. i dont have to sign in in my different accounts in order to communicate just one application will do the work...what do you think? can this be developed in vb.net? I'm just a newbie in this programming language so I want to ask your opinions. thanks..hope to hear from you guys soon..:)

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