I would like to use textbox to accept date in VB 6 instead of using dtpicker. The text box should contain oblique sign like ( / / ) to enter dd/MM/YYYY type date during form load.
I tried to use Microsoft Mask Edit control also but it is showing unscore when the textbox get focus.
So pl help me.

(Kehar )

So then you are using this as your mask?

MEB.Mask = "##/##/####"

And you have a problem with the way the control displays this in the standard way that people have come to know?

Yes, the moment the text box get focus an underscore is coming in it though it is responding the date. But how to prevent the underscore from being appeared ?


You can't as far as I know but then again you may be able to subclass the control. You can however use a standard textbox control and set its initial text to " / / ", then test for numbers on keypress to make sure user is entering numbers and if user has entered a number then you would replace the first space with what the user has entered. On the other hand you could use the DTPicker(date time picker) control with a custom format if needed and just allow the user to pick the date.

Good Luck