I made a datareport. I select a date from dtpicker and the datareport show that date data.
here I want the selected date (by dtpicker) will show in the report.
from 01-06-09 to 05-06-09
any body help me please.

Format function, FormatDate Function...

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I know some function but it show the current date.

It looks like you are trying to pass a date in the format of day month year. For this to work your database needs to be in the same format and most databases use the format of month day year.

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both are same format. I know like %d . it show the current date in report. but I want it show selected date what selected from dtpicker.

Well, you can set the format from the DTP or you can use the functions I mentioned above and when you query you may need to use the # symbols around the date if access.

Anybody else want to pipe in???

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whole thing I don't understand. please explain.

where exactly are you using this

"from 01-06-09 to 05-06-09"

is it in the title. Then simply use a string variable like
datareport1.title="From " & dt1 & " to " & dt2