um ive been asked by my prof to do a program that could possibly arrange 5numbers from lowest to highest..but im kinda new with programing can sumone pls help me THNXX

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There are many sort algorithms in existance. The simplest but slowest is you have all your values in an array and you know the count of the array.

swap = true
while swap is true
   swap = false
   for index = 0 to cnt-1 step 1
       if ary[index] > ary[index+1] then
             tmp = ary[index]
            ary[index+1] = ary[index]
            swap = true

This one is very inefficient but will do the job. In essence the outer loop will loop forever until no swaps occur in the inner loop. This is know as a bubble sort as the numbers bubble along into their correct positions.

I strongly recommend you read up on sorting. Knuth has a great book on the subject containg pseudo code. His books are well worth having a prominent place in your bookcase.

[45][ 3][21][11][2]
  3   45  21  11  2
  3   21  45  11  2
  3   21  11  45  2
  3   21  11  45  2
          next outer loop without the little steps
  3   11  21  2   45  
  3   11   2   21  45
  3    2   11  21  45
  2    3   11  21   45

dude can u help me do this in a flowchart ? cuz im told to do it that way PLS HELP ME this really means alot to me THNXX

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