Datagrid Adding Columns

this is a really silly question, but i seriously dont know how to do it. How do i add a new column to a datagrid. It starts off with two, and all i want to do is add two more columns to it. why am i finding this so difficult! Isnt there just some option in the properties that lets you do this?
im using vb6.
Thank you.

Dear, if you are going to learn something you don't know, then the queston could be silly. Ok, first you did't mentioned that on which type of project you actually working on. I'm just considering it as Database. When you right click on DataGrid, it shows its shortcuts menu, in this menu you can retrive your columns if it is connected with any table or query. It will retrive all columns from your table/query. If tables contains 4 columns then it will retrive 4 columns and so on. But if you want to add columns manually then from right click menu, click edit and then insert column. You can also do so by selecting its properties. Enjoy.

lot of man come here to learn many thing. so don't worry. Dezirous give you the answer. so check it. good luck.

Right-click on datagrid, select Insert.