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Have created a software program in VB6 that a customer can use to create job cards for jobs within the printing industry. it links to a database so all the information is saved and can be amended or updated or searched. I plan to market this to potential customers, but I have no Idea how much to charge them. I have worked in the industry for many years and don't know of anyone supply a similar program. If anyone could come back with some suggestion I would be very grateful.

While I have been a customer of various printing places I know very little of what goes on behind the scenes so I have to ask a couple of questions that may help you in determining a value for your product.

Does your product tie into anything that can help automate any portion of any process? Like can it control a silk screen machine or a heidelburg.

Does this process of yours streamline the backhouse procedures in such a way as to make certain positions more productive and thus the company would need less labor?

Does this program/process allow for off site ordering?

Does this program allow for off site synchronization with home/main database?

Does this program allow for the customer (onsite and offsite) to see a graphical representation of what they want?

Does this program tie into various accounting systems or does it have its own accounting system?

Does this program have any reports that can show the division between labor, inventory, sales commision, profits, etc?

Does program allow for customization? ie. word excell etc?

Does program or is program a logical step towards the mythic paperless office?


If program is able to reduce labor then perhaps the price should be based upon a small percentage of labor saved.

If program only automates orders then a small price with a small recurring fee for upgrades, customer service, etc. might be appropriate with extra charges for customization.

If program/system is full accounting system add $$$ to price.

If program ties into the automation of machines, is easier to operate these machine because of your program, and does not leave any functionality behind then add $$$.

Hope any of this helps.

Good Luck

Thank you for replying to me thread. In the area of printing that I have designed my program for, Job cards are written out by hand or are created in Access ox Excel. My program creates bespoke job cards showing all the information required to process a job through the company.