Hi guyZz...

I'm a beginner in programming world..,! Can you help me guyZz of restoring data of mysql using vb6 codes.....

Any reply and some source is really appreciated.... Thanks in advance.....

Oscar Resonable

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What do you mean restore?

I mean is... the database itself...! b'coZz I make a backup using sql yog... then it create's .sql file.. I need to restore it using vb6 code... it is possible that in the vb6 codes can do that..

thanks guyZz.....


Well, if you have detached the database then you should be able to attach it through a statement to the master db but you will need admin privledges.

Then, if you are trying to rollback your database to a previous point there should be a rollback statement you can use...

Try this forum, they may be able to help you with the commands a bit better than I can at the moment becaues this computer does not have my SQL help files on it...


Good Luck

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