I have an excel where i stored my data.asssume it has multiple rows and 5 columns.Now in my form i have 4 Combo box.
when user select first combo box (which refers to first column in excel sheet) ,it will filter data's in the second column (uses user input as ref) of excel sheet which will be displayed in Combo box2.vise versa when user select 2 combo box the third combo will get filtered data from excel sheet.

so my combo boxes will get updated by using excel sheet and all combo boxes will change repect to combo box selected before .

Hope it is clear, can any one help me.

To give more Clarity,Assume this as excel sheet of 3 columns

Material Thickness Width
Steel 0.5 2
Steel 0.75 3
Alluminiu 0.25 7
Alluminiu 1 5

Now my first combo box will be for Material, user will select either steel (or) alluminiu,after his selection according to this second combo box which is thickness will get data's and it will list.
for example let's say user select steel and in next combo box which is thickness should get only value of 0.5 & 0.75 for user to select.like wise it goes until to get final data.

whether it is possible to do this? kindly help.