Ok, I have been looking around and the only thing I can find is with Flash 8, and doesn't really work. I want to know if its possible for a VB.net application to interact with a Flash file on a website. Say the vb application has a button, and the flash file has a button, when I push the button on the vb app, I want it to carry over and press the flash button. Is this possible? If so can anyone guide me in the right direction. Thanks for any help, it is much appreciated!

I'm going to ask the obvious question, why not just press the flash button? Seems kinda redundant to make a vb program button to press a flash button, when you can just press the flash button yourself.

Its to automate the process...

Well you could have them write to a text or XML file and consistently check the file for instruction.

Flash button: writes 1
VB button: responds, writes 0
Flash button: hears 0, does nothing.

or maybe a registry edit, unless this is based on a web application, then you could have it use a Database or FTP server to do the same.

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