anyone can help me with this problem to make coding about :

example question :

me got 1 table with item X,1,2,3
and other table with item Z and value at row 1,2,3
i want make 1st table item 1,2,3 got a same value at other one table at row value 1,2,3

example coding :

'Replace Nothing with an actual table. Get the table from the database through a dataset or something
        Dim tableX As DataTable = Nothing
        Dim tableY As DataTable = Nothing

       'This code assumes that tableX has N number of columns/1 row and tableY has at least 1 column
        For Each column As DataColumn In tableX.Columns
            Dim newRow As DataRow = tableY.NewRow()

            newRow(0) = tableX.Rows(0)(column)

        'If you already have the same number of rows in tableY as the number of columns in tableX then use this
        Dim index As Integer = 0

        For Each column As DataColumn In tableX.Columns
            tableY.Rows(index)(0) = tableX.Rows(0)(column)

            index += 1

i still can't get it..
i try do like this..
but i dunno the coding.

example :

*sory i also dunno how to explain more details.

Sorry I don't understand what you are saying. Can you attach the database with the two tables here? I'll give you the code written for that.

The data in the two tables does not seem to have any kind of relationship with each other. Can you change the data(rows/values) so it looks like TableY has values from TableX and reupload the database?

can u give example how to do it?