Hi all,

Strange problem with one of our Win 2K3 servers. All seems to be working well, except that, having logged on via RDP, I cannot log off. (I prefer to log off RDP sessions rather than disconnect, because then I leave a session space free for another admin if needed.) All our other servers behave perfectly, logging off the session as normal, but this particular server insists on me disconnecting instead.

Incidentally, it does give me the option to log off, just never actually listens when I ask it to. (I have waited upwards of an hour for it to comply, just in case)

Anyone care to hazard a guess?


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Further useful information : concurrent with each attempted logoff, eventvwr logs the following entry in the System log:

The attempt by user MYDOMAIN\Administrator to restart/shutdown computer MYDC failed

(Source: USER32, Category: None, Event ID 1073)

does this shed some light on it?

Did you Google "Event ID 1073"? Anything there help out?

Are you in the same group memberships as the other Admins?

You may need to stop your system services of apps. that are not the os, you may find one that if stopped logging off works. The issue is that it is not a true service. No real solution but remove progam.

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