With apologies to ddanbe, I just have a question regarding using the IDE toolbox vs programmatically creating form objects at run time. I use to fall into the habit of only using the tool box to create from objects such as buttons or picture boxes but have now started to create them in the form constructor. For example on my last project I needed to create 26 buttons, with each button representing the alphabet. I found that I could create them with less code and have all 26 buttons use one click() method. Normally I would have dragged and dropping each button from the tool box, modified its properties and created a cick() method for each button.

However this does make the form code look a bit messy since it is not in the form.designer.cs class.

I know it probably depends on circumstance but what method is better than other? Does it matter?

No problem:)
Depends indeed.
If I have 2 or 3 buttons and some other controls, I let the IDE do his work. But in a case of 26 or more buttons it pays off to create them manually in a loop, so I guess you are right the way you like to do it.
The form.designer.cs class is just a part of the form class by the way!

As danny suggested it depends. The only consideration I want to throw in here is cleanup. Be sure to clean up and Dispose() of any controls you create that may have not been added to the control list of the form.

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