HI!, i'm using VB.NET 2005. I want to use OleDbConnection in my .net application but it is not showing in the 'Data' section of the 'toolbox'. is there any way to import it to the toolbox.

NOTE: (Also OleDbDataAdapter, SqlConnection,SqlDataAdapter, etc are missing in toolbox)

Waiting for reply newbee

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right click ur tootlbox ->choose iteam-->select .net component this windows click radio button OleDbDataAdapter, SqlConnection,SqlDataAdapter than ok

To : Respected ravindransrm
Thank you very much sir for your quick and very useful reply. Finaly i have imported connection's and adapter's to the "TOOLBOX".
Once again thank you [:)]

hello sir,
i am trying to connect ms access database with vb.net.
After selecting the "data source:" and "database file name:", when i am doing "Test Connection", it's showing the error message-->
"invalid authorization specification"
i have tried a lot to solve this problem by making another database file and by many other ways that i can think........."

plz tell me, wat's the problem ???

i am using visual studio 2005, plz. reply as soon as possible.

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