is there a way to caputre the values in a datagrid and bind them to a sql table? I have a datagrid bound to a sql query with some editable cells and I wanted to know if the updates could be sent back to the sql table. is there a way to set the updated datagrid to a new dataset and bind the new data to the existing sql table?

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if you want to update the database but you don't what data were modifiedin your grid, since you bound you grid to the dataset then use the dataset to check what are the changes being done in the grid by using the GetChanges() function of the dataset. You can also use the rowstate() function so that you will know what script you will be using... so.. is the rowstate is added then your script must be using insert() statement or if the rowstate is modified then use the Update() or
delete() if the rowstate is deleted. that's it!

hope it helps.
jireh :P

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