I want to do work with a machine(any). like: Id card punch(machine) or other. the software collect data form the machine. Here I want to how the software work with the machine? how a software give a command to the machine? I want to know details. plz help need.

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Abu, I would suggest you start off by getting one of those cheap serial port LED cards and search on the web for it using rs232 (?) cable communications or "vb6 rs232 example"...


While the above site is selling an activex control, if you scroll down a bit they have an example in vb6 that you can view.

and this one has stuff to sell also but once again has an example you can download and view...


same site with a kit...


and this page has lots of samples... (you have to search for vb6 on the page to find them all)


and there are so many more. This is the search I used to find them...


Good Luck

vb5prgrmr Hit the nail on the head. rs232 cable is the way to start. The easiest is to start off with a diagram on what you plan to read from the connected pheripheral (machine/appliance) and the code from there using his links to many examples.

Good luck with this new project, sounds exciting...

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