Hi All,

Thanks for your continuing helps and supports, I really love this forum. (and somewhat depended on it).

I have got program written in vb6, this program provide the calculation and links to microsoft access and microsoft words.
This program soon will be integrated with microsoft visio or other drawing tool.

The thing that I want to do is:
I want to have a program which can be used by everyone (including linux and mac users).
Is vb6 able to make that kind of stuff?
Or do I need to publish online? Or should I upgrade it in vb.net (then again, will vb.net able to do it)?

I will use mySQL for the database in the server.
But will vb6 able to cope with this?
And also if I need to scan a house plan (and do calculation in it), which program is the best to do it?

Thanks a lot, I really appeciate your help

Through emulators, VB 6.0 can run on Linux and Mac but .NET is .NOT on those platforms last I heard.... Okay, .NET can run on Linux... and you have to run a windows OS on a Mac for .NET to run (Quick reads).

As for MySQL or MS's SQL Server, yes both 6.0 and .NET can connect to them.

For scanning, both would be able to scan via a scanner and the WIA 2.0 interface (See MS for WIA 2.0 SDK).

So, in short, both can run on linux and mac but not natively. Each would have to run through some sort of emulation but if you really want to be cross platform independent then see this listing of some of the languages that are capable of this...


However, I would suggest that you give realbasic a good look as it is very simular in syntax to 6.0 http://www.realsoftware.com/realbasic/
(see the intro video on any of the pages (personal, professional, studio)

Good Luck