First off, i would like to introduce myself. My name is Ryan, im 18 and a professional gamer.

About the client!
Well this client is for my clan members, they can login and retrieve updates, news, ect through a webbrowser


Okay, so i have set a webbrowser, two texboxes and a command button. The Form_Load is where i filled the navigate ( the online login form). So, it will basically type whatever you typed on the applications textboxes onto the online forms two textboxes and then it will hit click on the submit button on the online form to login.
Now heres the part where im having trouble, what i want to do is that when you type the information it will verify if that information is correct or incorrect and if it his correct it will show the form and if its not it will show an error message.

So if I understand you correctly, all that you want to do is compare the two textboxes and see if they match.

If textbox1.Text == textbox2.Text

Sounds like you just want to do

If TextBox1.Text = "sometext" And TextBox2.Text = "someothertext" Then
            'not ok
        End If