Hi i just have problem in my software
i just want to apply more then one condition in my quary which is joined "and" operator
plese helpe me by given an example(coding)
it is very urgent

Well I hope you catch your quary but as far as queries go, see this example...

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE field1 = '" & somestringvalue & "' AND field2 = " & somenumericvalue

Good Luck

i think he is doing this

select table1.ID, table2.ID as ID2 FROM table1 INNER JOIN table2 ON table2.table1_ID = table1.ID WHERE table1.active = -1 and table2.active = -1
commented: hi have no two tble , +0

hi have no two tble ,
i joining on more then one field in a table
my table have, the follwing fields
transport,gr.no.,date,item,billno,frame size,sale billno,status,curr status,
here i can search for a item where salbill is "" , and also want to code for
searching all null value in a particullar field
please help me

Well if it is a text field then...

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE fieldname = ''"

Good Luck