hi all, i`m trying to do application witch automatic download files from this site (exsample url) http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/78311029/file.html i download page data end extract link but webcliant download html instead of file even if link contain ".mp3", its redirecting or using cookies or somting i dont know, i`m dont have skills on this... how can i download file without using webbrowser control? sry for poor eng :$

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Download Wireshark and start sniffing your browser. See if they are using cookies or client-side code to thwart automated downloads. You can watch the browser behavior and reverse engineer it but it can take quite some time.

You could also consider automating mshtml which will is basically a full browser. However this will make your automated downloader a heavier application than straight web-requests.

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i do it with webbrowser control but it was slow (control downloading images and...) and big problem is that file save dialog show, then is 100+ files to download on eac one this come out.. but wat about webrequests? its create cookies or not? i think its definitely cookies fault..

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