In visual studio 2008 designer, the buttons tab controls etc are having smooth corners.
But when we run the application the corners are sharp and edges are not smooth.

Is there any property in controls to smooth edges and corners?

Thank you

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I never had that problem, they both look the same.
If you are not feeling happy with the standard button, you can always come up with your own design and implement that. e.g. a round button.

I never had that problem, they both look the same.

Are you sure?

In the designer the corner of buttons are curved, But when we run the code, corners are sharp.
If this is not your case, I have some setting in a different way. I am looking for that difference.

Thank you

Could be it has something to do with the OS you are using or a property of the button: Flatstyle set to Flat instead of System.

Thanks for the reply.

I think what i need is called XP style buttons.

see here

Thank you

I have the same problem too, i don't know how to resolve this.

My problem comes from a converted project based on C#.NET which was using framework 2.0

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