Can anyone help me on this project?

I already have created a simple program called Website manager and ive already release it on my website http://www.silentproject.tk
i want to improve it by adding an Auto login feature for websites like yahoo mail..etc.. does anyone of you know how to do it?...

I'm thinking you might be in the wrong forum... because if you are wanting to do this from your site, i.e. clicking a button/link in IE that is from your site and logging into yahoo, then you need a forum for web sites. PHP, ASP.NET or classic asp.... whatever you have done your site with....

Good Luck

ooppsss.... sorry, but you misunderstood me...

what i mean to say is that i am creating a VB Program that will auto login some sites, ex. i want to login to yahoo mail, i will just click that program then i will be logged automatically on that website, or my Username and Password will be type automatically in the input box of that site.

I already done it, but only my username shows and the password dont show.

Using the webbrowser control? Go over to vbforums to their vb6 codebank section and search for their webbrowser tutorial.

Good Luck

This Code will demonstrate on how to make a Autologin for WebBrowser Control..

Im using this so i can prevent myself from any Keyloggers..

Reference: Microsoft HTML Library
Control: Webbrowser Control

'Usage: Must be on Web browser control Event (DocumentComplete Event)

AutoLogin WebBrowser1, "Username", "Password"


Public Sub AutoLogin(ByVal browser As WebBrowser, ByVal uName As String, ByVal uPass As String)

On Error Resume Next
'1. username: name="user" , name="username", name="login", name="email"
'2. password: type="password"

'Reference: Microsoft HTML Library
'Control: Webbrowser Control

Dim HTML As HTMLDocument
Dim HTMLI As HTMLInputElement

Set HTML = browser.Document

    For Each HTMLI In HTML.getElementsByTagName("input")
	'<input name="user"
        If HTMLI.Name = "user" Then
        HTMLI.Value = uName
        End If
	'<input name="username"
        If HTMLI.Name = "username" Then
        HTMLI.Value = uName
        End If

        '<input name="email"
        If HTMLI.Name = "email" Then
        HTMLI.Value = uName
        End If

	'<input name="login"
        If HTMLI.Name = "login" Then

	    'if <input name="login" Type="password"
            If HTMLI.Type <> "password" Then
            HTMLI.Value = uName
            End If

        End If
	'if <input Type="password"
        If HTMLI.Type = "password" Then
        HTMLI.Value = uPass
        End If

End Sub

Hope this will help others..
I will mark this Thread now as Solve...

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