hi friends this is karan here and i m a beginner in visual basics and i m studying Visual Basics 6.0 i have a project in it for Music Cutter and Music Converter and i seriously dont know what to do in it..So guys please help me in it..
Music Cutter
Music Converter
and i want the code easy in understanding to..

When would you like it? How complex should we make it? Can you teach us what a music cutter is? How do we read the music? Convert from what to what?

music cutter is in which we can cut the song that is if we want some part of the whole song that is if we want to make a ringtone to that and if we want the song to cut in to different pieces or we want the middle part of the song than we need music cutter and we do read the music but in minutes that if the song is of say 6 minutes and i want the song form 1 min.29 sec to say 2 min.23sec than we need music cutter to cut it and save.

Music convert from mp3 to wav, wav to mp3..and many if it can be included.

pls help me

Time to use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) and search for vb6 convert mp3 or vb6 mp3 converter or vb6 wav converter or,... well you get the idea. Don't forget to search PSC (Planet-source-code.com) and if you really want to get down to the nuts and bolts, search mp3 over at http://www.wotsit.org

Good Luck