guys new in vb and have a project to be made in vb for music player.
have to make my own music player and that to sweet and simple.
music player should also include features like pop,jazz,loud and so on and has to as simple as possible.

thank you.

nice.........:)go ahead and start it and when finish it we will also enjoy it...........:)

but i need help i dont no it how to make it pls help..pls help me.....

try to find out some sample project in web with search engine. and then review it. if you have no idea about it then it is so difficult to make you understand.

Here are some seach terms for you and some ideas... There are the api's sndPlaySound and PlaySound and then of course there is the MMC, which is otherwise known as Microsoft Music Control (which can also play AVI's). So use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) to search for examples on these and then if you have any problems with the code, then come back and post the relavent code, the line you are recieving your error on, the error number and error message.

Good Luck

insert video&audio into visual basic
and plz know about source code website


It is not nice to attempt to hijack someone elses thread as you are attempting to do by asking your question in this thread. In the future, if you have a similar question to a previous thread then please create your own thread and if need be, copy the url of the previous thread into your posting.

As for your question, read my previous post...

Good Luck