hello can you help me how to use the code tags so that i can post all my code and not to be banned..

where i put my code inside this bracket or in the middle of this two bracket?
i have 3 points more to go..hoping for your positive responds..

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If you click on the Go Advanced button you will come to a more advanced input box. On it there will be a (code) button. Click it and you will see that it creates this for you (without the spaces) ( code)( /code). Now, all you need to do is to paste your code between these two )( brackets and you will be fine... (on the other hand you can paste your code and then highlight it and then press the button)...

Good Luck

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How can you not find information on CODE TAGS
1) in the Rules you were asked to read when you registered
2) in the text at the top of this forum
3) in the announcement at the top of this forum titled Please use BB Code and Inlinecode tags
4) any place CODE tags were used, even in responses to your posts
5) Even on the background of the box you actually typed your message in!

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nice reference for me, sir.
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