gud evening to all of u folks
folks im so stessed right now cause i have only two days to pass my project in vb6 which is a lending system my big problem is i dont know how to link my customers in formation table and payment table can you help me folks

pls.. reply asap

thanks a lot hoping fo ur kindness
may god bless u!!!!!!


iCustID 'auto number
vFName 'first name
vLName 'last name

iBalID 'auto number
iCustID 'number-foreign key to tblCustomer's unique id (auto number)

Or however you have your tables designed... Then in access, tools>relationships, drag iCusID from tblCustomers to iCustID in tblCustBal. When the dialog comes up, select referential integrity>OK.

Now, that is a defined relationship that you will have to enforce via the business rules of your code..., you can however just enforce this relationship in code without the database relation... Not recomended but there are cases where such things are needed...

Good Luck

Hi Cabsjonal,
Follow vb5prgrmr's advice if you still can't figure out then attach your Database so that helpers can make relationship in your table.

But what database you are using?