Hi all
I have two questions:
I want to create a custom report in VB6. The report format consists of labels for name, designation etc against which data has to be populated by MS Access DB. Below this a table has to be printed consisting of data from some other table in DB. How should I do this.

We are working in a team for our VB6 project. As I am a student, we all work on the project from home. Is there any online system so that we can work on the same copy of the project or somehow manage the project as a single copy. Because its quite difficult to integrate frms, reports from one copy to another(even any easier way to do this is appreciated)

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and as far as I know, data reports cannot accomplish this task. So please guide


So no reply to this question and nor to a similar question asked by some other user on some other thread. So this should mean that VB doesn't support it or is there any better way to accomplish this task ?


Well, I can give you a hint on task 2...

Elect a team lead/integrator. The best programmer between you or the one who says/volunteers that they can integrate each of your codes into one program. From there, each of you treat your part of the program as a whole complete object and if there has to be an exchange of data between forms, say form1 and form2, then the two programmers who are working on those forms need to come to an agreement on how that data is going to be passed.

Good Luck

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