Hi !
i have completed my project in visual basic.
Now i want to create its setup by using deployment and setup package. But my set up should install the program files and database at the path which i have given in my code for database connectivity.
How to do.
In short i want to know the detail process of creating setup of project.

You just need to store all the required file in specified folders before creating the setup and specify the same in the code as well. Next create the EXE from the file menu and then use the packager and deployment wizard to create the set up

But when i created and stored all files in a folder and create setup , it cannot copy the folders it copy only the files inside the folder ,I don't know how to copy folders in setup or create.

Normally i store all files with the application.exe and i set the program files taget as

rt1.LoadFile (App.Path & "Readme.txt")

in your case i think copy your database to your application and set the connecting address with " APP.PATH "

You can use other setup development program supported by VB 6.

When you run the Package and Deployment wizard, you will get to the Install Location Wizard Page. It will show a list of all the files to add to your package AS WELL AS their loacations. Select the specific file you need, Click on the 'Loacation' name. A combo box will appear with a list of install locations. Select your path to install to from there and you are done.

There is more tedious routes to follow by creating a pre-install package to create the folder first before installation. I went this route to ensure ALL files is created in their correct and perspective folders.

Hope this helps to solve your problem.

use windows installer 1.1