i'm harish from chennai. i'm in my final year M.Tech (I.T.). i'm planning to do my final year project in java. I would want some suggestions for the title for my projects. i would appreciate your early response. My mail id is venugopal.harish@gmail.com

Hi everyone,

Think of the type of application you like or find usefull and build it in parts then combining it as whole or you could simply yahoo for ideas

Richard West

Just you can try to do ur project in a good domain like Stock Exchange, Banking domain.
Gaining domain knowledge is more important for you as a M.Techian

One part of showing you're ready for your diploma is to show you can think for yourself.
Thinking of something to write is a part of that. Of course actually writing it is a very large part as well.

How about a project that will randomly choose ideas for people like you. I find it amazing you're in college and can't think of anything.